Sunday, February 24, 2013

Celebration cake

Blackforest cake 

Woody from Toy story cake

Who does not love Woody character from Toy story?...all of us love him and so does shamith so here goes another cake for him...hope his mates liked woody and the cake too...this was a vanilla cake with buttercream icing and hand painted woody and potato head characters on fondant..
Tried my hands on moulding Ben 10 and aliens figurines with marshmellow fondant for a Ben 10 lover...this was a chocolate and a vanilla cake...shamith, hope u liked ur Ben cake....

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Celebration cake

A marble cake with simple buttercream frosting.. 

Celebration cake with Roses

This is a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache on top and the chocolate layers are sandwiched with mixed nuts praline...the red roses are made out of fondant...hope you liked the cake Sindu!

Happy V day 2013

An espresso cake with a Dulce de Leche filling with nuts in it..quite a calorie loaded cake nevertheless a delicious one...perfect for v day...hope you had a lovely day with ur loved ones..